We are proud that with a consolidated 100-plus year of members’ consulting, training and advisory practice in Public Financial Management, from Europe and to almost a dozen African countries, we continue to progress much-needed reforms in a challenging developmental environment.

We have always posited this reality, -that Civil Servants are used to working within “Departmental Boundaries” making collaborative work more difficult. This position is clearly common with Civil servants globally, and the precarious effect is badly felt more in developing Economies like Nigeria and many other African Countries. We have therefore horned our specialty in filling this void through ourcapacity for effective coordination of the Five Sectors of a typical public sector service delivery narrative, namely; Administration, Economic, Law and Justice, Regional and Social Sectors.

The quest for Sub-National governments to maximize the potentials of the World Bank Supported State Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) Program- (A grant pot of ($750m) provision by the World Bank) cannot be over-emphasized.

The reality and the facts that the conditions to be met in-order to fully benefit from the program are majorly the raft of conditions that were originally set for an earlier Bailout funds initiative of the Federal Ministry of Finance in 2016. These conditions were unfortunately,not fully implemented by the generality of the Sub-National governments in Nigeria and was widely reported by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum in 2018.

The reality that the fundamental requirements of the SFTAS Program are critically embedded in the State’s capacity to coordinate and collaborate between all the related MDAs with functions and responsibilities in bringing about results, necessary to meet the Disbursement linked Indicator targets in-order to benefit in the attendant monetary values.

The reality that Civil Servants are used to working within “Departmental Boundaries” making collaborative work more difficult,- a void, therefore which at SapphireNGR, we seek and pledge to fill. .

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