The core mandate of governments is to ensure governance through the implementation of various policies and reforms. These policies, -broken down into processes, are the bedrock through which government delivers services to the public. The understanding of these processes enables public-sector office holders take charge of dedicated programmes of government based on their specialties.

The art of submitting and reporting the Ministries’ Budget and action plans to Cabinet and parliament requires a good understanding of the most up-to-date policies and reform measures. The most current and much-talked about is, the International Public-Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) especially as it relates toBudget Planning, Formulation, Presentation, Communication, Implementation and Reporting including the attendant Legislation both at the Cash Basis level and the transition to Accrual Basis level.

For policies and programmes of government to be properly implemented and to ensure Accountability, Comparability and Transparency, -Budget submissions from all the MDAs must be seen to exhibit and showcase a thorough knowledge of current reform measures that is germane to the implementation of government policies and programmes.

A thoroughly researched and structured Public Financial Management system remains the key to addressing the challenges of developing public sector economies.

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